Entering the development period in 2015, it has expanded from the business of digital teaching materials for public English in colleges and universities to the field of comprehensive solutions for in-school teaching informatization in higher education and vocational education, providing multi-disciplinary digital courses and teaching materials, smart teaching platforms, smart classroom spaces. Overall solution for education and teaching informatization such as course construction.
Development period
Established in 2006, the company undertook the "State-owned Enterprise Remote Training Platform" project of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission during its inception, providing R&D services for the training information platform for large state-owned enterprises and institutions; it undertook the original "The Office of Chinese Language Council International" (now "Center for Language Education and Cooperationinternational Chinese teaching digital project research and development and operation and maintenance, providing hybrid teaching project services for domestic colleges and overseas institutions to jointly build "Confucius Institutes".
Start-Up period
In 2010, it entered the early stage of development, extending from pure project customization services to the development of "digital teaching material" content products and vertical industry platforms. Through content cooperation with many well-known educational publishing groups in Europe and the United States. We specialize in creating digital textbook content and providing platform operation services for public English education in colleges and universities. Additionally, we are expanding our expertise to offer continuing education platform operation services tailored to specific industries such as finance and statistics.
growth period
In 2019, it began to develop towards the global market and signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Huawei to develop joint solutions for the global education industry. The two parties will jointly create an overall solution for smart education. Based on the domestic market, we cater to the digital education transformation needs of global universities and government and enterprise industries, serve the national “One Belt, One Road” initiative, and promote the coordinated development of domestic and overseas dual cycles.
2019 年开始面向全球市场发展,与华为公司签署面向全球教育行业发展联合解决方案的全面合作协议,双方联合打造智慧教育整体解决 方案。立足国内市场,面向全球院校与政企行业的数字化教育转型需求,服务国家“一带一 路”倡议,推进国内与海外双循环协同发展。