Use Cases
An overseas country: Smart higher education platform
With the vision of building a "smart country", based on Huawei Cloud's smart higher education network construction, we provide overall smart learning solutions for the country's college students to fully prepare them to quickly adapt to the ever-changing world. This project also helps universities find room for survival and development in the information technology and communication (ICT) revolution. 11 universities across the country, nearly 80,000 students, and 4,500 teachers will conduct learning based on the Ulearning smart teaching cloud platform in the new semester of 2022.
East African Country Smart Education Pilot Project for K-12 Education & Teacher Training
An eastern Africa country’s MOE is facing 3 major issues in managing teacher and student performance:
MOE is unable to track teacher and student performance.
Teachers’ teaching materials are stored and scattered in paper format and in teacher’s computer.
Teachers and students are lack of digital literacy. 
Huawei-ULearning Solution
Provide an unified plaform for teacher teaching and student learning with unified access
ULearning provides Digital Literacy workshop to train teachers on ULMS and digital tools for content digitization (such as creating micro-video course using PPT etc)
Students using ULMS, live stream virtual classroom to interact with remote class students.