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Product Description
The normal recording and broadcasting patrol and resource on-demand system can automatically realize the normal recording of the classroom teaching process through the cameras and edge storage devices in the classroom without the need for a guide station and manual operation. It can be set according to the class schedule. Through the form of high-definition live broadcast, it can not only help schools accumulate teaching demonstration resources by recording live classrooms, but also help supervise online remote class inspections, reducing the human and material investment in class inspection supervision.
Accumulation of teaching resources from recruitment to use, assisting teaching innovation
Advantages and Features
The on-campus teaching resource center provides unified management of resources and builds a school-level smart teaching content system.
AI intelligent subtitles generate classroom video subtitles in real time for more effective independent learning
High accuracy

For scenarios where Mandarin and environmental noise are controllable, the real-time speech recognition accuracy rate reaches 97.75%;

Supports letter recognition function and mixed reading of Chinese and English;

Adapt to different ages, different regions and different groups of people.

Intelligent noise reduction

Equipped with noise cancellation function to meet voice input needs in noisy environments

Intelligent sentence segmentation

Intelligent sentence segmentation to match subtitle text with video time points;

Classroom quality evaluation is based on teaching diagnosis and evaluation integrating recording and live broadcasting